Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Louisa C. Hayden Taylor's Ancestry

Louisa Campbell Hayden was born August 8, 1808 in Utica NY, married Alpheus Edgerton Taylor February 5, 1832 in Rome NY and outlived him, dying June 18, 1899 in Castle Rock WA.  Her Hayden line is known a long ways back; here it will start with Samuel Hayden II, whose father was Samuel Hayden I (b. February 28, 1678/9 in Windsor CT, d. October 12, 1742 in Harwinton CT) and grandfather was Lt. Daniel Hayden (b. September 2, 1640 in Windsor CT, d. March 22, 1712/3 in Windsor CT).

Samuel Hayden II (b. X-7-1707, d. d? TCT)
Abigail Hall (b. IV-28-1715 Suffield CT, d. dpl?) married XI-7-1737 pl?
    Augustin Hayden (b. VIII-24-1740 Windsor CT, d. II-24-1823 TCT)
    Cynthia Filler (b. abt 1749  pl?, d. V-16-1835 pl?) m. Xii-7-1769 pl?
         Seth Hayden (b. I-19-1780 TCT, d. VIII-29-1824 Mex)
         Sylvia Jenks (b. III-11-1785 WW, d. X-7-1859 Leyden NY) m. 1806 pl?
              Louisa Campbell Hayden; see above.

Key: d?=date unknown
         pl?=place unknown
         dpl?=date and place unknown
         WW=West Wrentham MA
         TCT=Torrington CT
         Mex=Mexico City